BI Framework Masterclass using Sales KPI’s and MS Excel


BI Framework Masterclass using Sales KPI’s and MS Excel

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Duration: 6 Weeks | Online
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Platforms / Application: Microsoft Teams | Zoom | Microsoft Excel
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Business Intelligence Framework Masterclass using Sales KPI’s and MS Excel
For business owners, management accountants, managers, professionals

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Business Intelligence (BI) is combining varied company data, best practices, using analytical tools and visualisations, to provide insights into how an organisation is performing and to assist in better decision making.

This extremely desirable vocational course is designed by industry experts to teach students how to perform specific Business Intelligent functions to either enhance their career progression or to help business owners to gather insights into their organisations performance and operations

Our courses are project based, designed specifically to guide the student through the different design and development stages of a BI framework. Both MS Excel and Power BI are the chosen BI tool, allowing BI students to easily transform the data and apply varied data science algorithms to enhance their learning.

We bring to you the real technical projects implementations and tools to facilitate your learning.

Learning Outcome

  • Understand how a BI framework relates to Business Goals and KPI's
  • Understand how to build a BI framework which provides insights into an organisations performance using MS Excel
  • Build KPI framework using MS Excel
  • Understand how to build a KPI dashboard using MS Excel
  • Understand data cleansing tools using MS Excel
  • Obtain and clean / process and transform data
  • Understand how to basic data science algorithms