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For business owners and professionals

Email Marketing Workshop: Learn how to increase SALES!!

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Email Marketing  Masterclasses

Mailchimp custom training sessions, delivered by Mailchimp experts.
If you are new to Mailchimp, or want to take your email marketing training up to the next level, or need help setting up a campaign our Mailchimp training can help you.

We at ETS deliver tailored Mailchimp training sessions over Zoom, screen sharing documents, and presentations where needed.

Our training can be done 1:1, or for a team, you can record your sessions for later resources, and split sessions into smaller chunks to make it easier. Workshops are for beginners, intermediate or advance. .

Assistance with marketing strategies. Courses:

Email Marketing Workshop using Mailchimp

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Key Learning Outcomes

Vocational Training

Learn from experts who have done the job, and delivered successful solutions in organisations which work

Benchmarking & Key Performance Indicators

Understand metrics which provide insights into how an organisation performs. Learn how to improve performance

Enhanced Technical Skills

Become savvy in your technical data handling.. Learn to build the BI framework from start to finish

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